1. Your brand & your audience

Think about your account and try and define what you want it to say. Do you want it to be a mood board or a shop window for your brand? Think about your audience and what they would like to see. What would make them want to follow your brand?
Write a simple description for your account too saying what you do or why you do it or what your brand stands for.

2. Image is everything

Make sure every image you post is spot on. It needs to reflect your message. Never post blurry or pixelated images.

3. Be consistent. Be polite

Develop a brand style, perhaps it’s a filter or introducing a brand colour into your posts? Make sure your description has a link to your website and make sure the accounts you follow are on brand too.
If you use other peoples images, give credit where credit is due.

4. Research

Look at other successful accounts and see what they do. How often do they post? Which post performs best?

5. Freak or unique

The best accounts have a ‘thing’. Find something unique or quirky to your brand and use it. For example it could be how you write your quotes in a certain brand colour, font or background style?

6. Tone of Voice

With instagram image is key but don’t neglect the importance of words. Make sure your tone of voice reflects your brand and don’t use too many hashtags as too many can look desperate.

7. Timing

3 posts a day is more than enough. Think about the best times your audience might be looking. Lunchtime, weekends etc. Try and make some of your posts topical. National holidays or key moments in the calendar which relate to your brand. Avoid late night posts, they can often get lost.

8. Experiment & have fun

Try and try again. Don’t get fixated with your account. Instagram moves fast and chances are your last post has been lost in their feed so experiment and have fun, reel them in.